In today’s competitive BioPharmaceutical employment market, salaries are increasing at a rapid rate. According to economic data, over the past 12 months salaries have increased by roughly 5%-10%.

However, that number seems to be much higher here in the BioPharma hub of Massachusetts. Based on what we (Adante) have been seeing, salaries have increased closer to 15% to even 20%…. with the greatest salary increase at the Associate Levels – BS/MS with 2-7 years of industry experience.

As a result, companies are being faced with the dilemma of increasing salary and compensation structures to attract and retain good people.

So, what is a competitive salary in this market?? As a person looking for their next job or an HR Professional/ Hiring Manager looking to hire someone….what salary range should you be considering?

We have tracked our data over the past year and would like to share what we have been seeing.


Job Title Education Experience Low High
Associate BS 0-3 $40,000 $60,000
Senior Associate BS 3-5 $65,000 $90,000
Senior Associate MS 0-3 $50,000 $80,000
Senior Associate II MS 3-5 $60,000 $90,000
Scientist MS 10+ $90,000 $130,000
Scientist PhD 0-3 $100,000 $130,000
Scientist II/Sr. Scientist PhD 3-5 $110,000 $150,000
Principal Scientist PhD 5-7 $140,000 $180,000
Associate Director PhD 7-10 $170,000 $190,000
Director PhD 10-15 $180,000 $220,000
Sr. Director PhD 15+ $220,000 $250,000