There’s a million different opinions on how to write a resume. 

  • Should you use a CV or resume format?
  • Is it ok to be more than 1 page?
  • Do you use a chronological or functional style?
  • Where do I list my skills and accomplishments?
  • Does Education come at the beginning or end?

These questions could go one forever. We’ve been recruiting in the BioPharma industry for over 15 years. We’ve seen millions of resumes and CV’s and to be honest most of them are NOT very good, so we have decided to write a quick-help guide to writing a good resume specifically for the BioPharma Industry. Below are 13 tips to keep in mind when writing a resume!! 


  1. Use a resume format if you are applying for industrial positions. CV format is fine for academia.
  2. Use a Chronological Style. Start with the most recent position at the top of the resume.
  3. Place your contact information centered at the top of the resume and use a professional email address.
  4. Use bullets that are appropriately spaced. We do not recommend paragraph form. 
  5. Use a professional font and font size and keep it consistent throughout the entire resume.
  6. Make sure the margins are the same on each side.
  7. Proofread for spelling and grammatical errors.
  8. Confirm all dates are accurate and consistent. We recommend using the month and year for all positions. Highlight career progression when possible.
  9. Focus on your accomplishments and skills.
  10. Education should be at the top of the resume if you have less than 1-2 years of work experience.
  11. Using a skill set section is fine, but you should also highlight your skills under each position the companies know when and how often you used certain techniques.
  12. List any publications at the end of the resume.
  13. More than 1 page is fine if you have worked for more than a couple of years, but no one needs a 5+ page resume.