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Direct Hire in Boston and Cambridge

Direct Hire

Are you looking to hire your next executive? Our team will work with you to manage the entire recruiting cycle from initial screen to on-boarding.

Benefits of Direct Hire

Hire the Hard to find Person
Confidentiality in search process
Hire the Passive Candidate that is working at your Competitor
Proactive approach to identify candidates
Eliminate time posting jobs and sourcing resumes.
Interview a short-list of candidates and make a hire

Case Study

We recently worked with a company that was letting go of an employee and needed 100% confidentiality in the search process. In 3 months, we presented 7 passive candidates. Four candidates were from our existing network, One candidate was from a reference of an existing candidate and two candidates were proactively sourced from a competitor. The company interviewed five people and made a hire.

Candidate Sourcing in Boston and Cambridge

Candidate Sourcing

Are you overwhelmed by the number of positions you have to fill? Do you lack internal HR staff or the resources to hire talented people? We can help you build a highly qualified pipeline of candidates that are fully vetted and ready to be hired.

Benefits of Candidate Sourcing

● Make multiple hires for one low flat amount
Reduce time sifting through unqualified resumes
One easy flat rate
Reduce traditional agency fees by 33.5%
85.5% fill rate
Better Brand Marketing for the Company

Case Study

We recently helped our client build out their Tech Ops group in preparation for their first BLA. We hired 10 Sr. level people (Scientists, Associate Directors, and Directors). In one month, we hired 2 Directors. The fee was 10K….an average direct hire fee would have been around 60-80K. 

Temporary Staffing Boston and Cambridge

Temporary Staffing

Do you need an employee for a short-term project or would you like to confirm someone is a good fit prior to hiring them?

Benefits of Temporary Staffing

All Temps Employees are W2 Employees of Adante
We cover Workers Comps and Commercial Insurance
Audition employee before making a Full Time Hire
Limit Legal Liability
Scale up and down quickly

Case Study

When COVID hit we worked with a company to hire 100+ people in 3 months for COVID testing. The company seamlessly increases and reduces headcount as needed. We also have a large number of smaller companies that like to hire temporary employees to audition them, similar to a long-term interview, before they make a commitment to a full time hire.

Work With Us

There is no better feeling than finding the right candidates for our clients. And with a front row seat, we get to view their growth, year after year. Everyone winsYou won’t find these types of candidates on job boards. They’re not looking. That is until we  interrupt their present to take them into the future. Your future. Let’ talk.

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